Student & Teacher of the Week- April 13th
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Thursday, April 06, 2017
Student and Teacher of the Week- April 13th
Student and Teacher of the Week- April 13th

Student of the Week:  Sofia Gonzalez

Sofia is a hard working 1st grader who is organized, prepared, happy, polite, and meets every challenge head on.  She is a good friend to her classmates and has a constant smile on her face. She is a great example of what an OWLstanding student should be!


Teacher of the Week:  Melissa Gonzales

Mrs. Gonzales is the Meyer Elementary library assistant who is organized and professional with staff as well as students.  She teaches our students how to use the library and shares interesting literature with them in various forms.  Because of the dedication she has for her job, many students have expressed their interest in becoming a librarian when they grow up.  We are grateful to have Mrs. Gonzales on our campus!

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